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11 March, 01:56; Shiang, China
感觉这一切来得好快啊~但是真的很幸福。。 。
See you driving and racing again, aftet 3 years...
Wish you all the best!
10 March, 21:15; Monica, Canada
Bahrein this weekend! Go Schumi!!
10 March, 15:56; Dawn, China
10 March, 15:05; su, china
i feel tired,but when i see your face ,i realize what i should do.i know when you meet problems ,doing your umost is your chice.and ,mine is also that .
Good luck !
Now health is the first thing !
10 March, 11:32; 飒飒, china
schumi,long time no see!
sorry,i was busy with my school affairs these days ,but
finally my efforts worked!
i have achieved a huge dream of mine,and hope you can
realize yours!
we are always stand by you !

哈哈 箭头!mua
卡车 水水更健康嘛!
10 March, 07:14; 阿布, China
你已经去巴林了吧,真快,感谢这天终于要来 了。
10 March, 04:04; Qin, China
Thank for coming back !
The day is coming...
9 March, 12:41; 阿布, China
看到采访其他德国车手的那些回答,无论怎样 ,他们都还是那么敬佩你,你不会让我们失望 的。
8 March, 05:16; 阿布, China
因为以前从来没想过你能回来,现在太激动了 ,一天天的倒数。。。我很想你
7 March, 15:52; su, china
7 March, 08:09; 布酱, China
今天在商场看见上海站的海报,你占了好大的 篇幅,真好,你一直都在。
7 March, 06:52; 王志鹏, CHINA
6 March, 07:51; 布酱, China
5 March, 18:25; su, china
今天看着你站在发布的安全车旁边,突然心里 一揪。为什么红色不见了。。
5 March, 14:56; 布酱, China
4 March, 03:43; 布酱, China
在学校待了两个礼拜,明天就回家了,下礼拜 就能看你比赛了啊,我很想你。
3 March, 14:01; 布酱, China
昨天看了法拉利的一个视频,突然感觉哪里不 对劲,是哪里不对劲呢。。然后突然回过神来 ,我怎么在看法拉利。。。从前感觉还有你的 影子,可是现在法家和你已经没有关系了。所 有你留给我的习惯都太深刻,你说怎么办才好 。
看你试车的日子我已经太高兴,想到就能现场 再看到你,我跟同学说,说不定你们要把我从 赛场抬回来了。
3 March, 08:16; ta, russia
Ja, ich habe vergessen zu sagen - rot bekam Michael sehr gut. Und ich bin traurig, wie viele Fans, wenn ich an Scuderia denke.. Aber ich war und bleibe ein persoenlicher Fan von Michael Schumacher und also - Forza Mercedes!
3 March, 08:10; ta, russia
Please win at least two races in this season, and I will forgive you the most boring 3 years without you in F1 :D

You are the best, ever, In fact, you have already won everything, and we just want to enjoy your racing. Welcome back and good luck!
3 March, 07:37; CacheWang, China

2 March, 16:22; su, china
schumi ,i love you
good night !
1 March, 14:45; su, china
28 February, 14:10; Johnny, China
27 February, 10:18; su, china
舒米,我明天就要开学了,去了学校,以后每 个周末就可以看你的比赛了。。。哇哈哈,好 久没有这么的激动了。。。
26 February, 10:40; rubens2006, China
21 February, 19:44; 箭头, China
rubens206 是谁???

Schumi,you're the best
21 February, 16:15; su, china
dear michael,i want you to return ferrari.now areyou ok ?
i worry your health . 对不起,我实在拿英语说不下去,我看着那些 照片,我看着你在赛道上,我看着跃马标志, 我看着那红,可是没有你。。。我真的很难过 。。
21 February, 13:48; tiantian, china
tomorrow i will go back to school
i must do my best to get the scholarship!
and see you in april,the weekend just a week before my birthday,i am so urge to be there!
be happy
i will be better!
20 February, 12:44; su, china
hi,shumi,i love you
16 February, 09:23; su, china
i love you till i die
16 February, 09:14; surong, china
刚才在法拉利群里发生了些不愉快,我来你这 里,诉诉苦
我知道那只是一种奢望了,你跟奔驰有三年的 合约,难道要毁约么、、
15 February, 15:38; Schip, CHINA
Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika AngelikaAngelikaAngelikaAngelikaAngelika!!!!!!! sorry I just do this in order that you can notice me...- - I just want to make a friend and talk something about MICHAEL with you:-) I'm a girl in CHINA...My e-mail is tu.queen@163.com longing for your mail:-)VIELEN DANKE:-)
15 February, 14:50; 洋, China
Schumi I hope you will get good grades in the next year love always
14 February, 09:16; 飒飒, china
i was happy these days. i hope you will be delighted as me
14 February, 05:54; vivian, china
happy spring festival !!!
13 February, 15:02; Father Mulcahey, New Zealand
that d@mn n@zi Adolf Schumacher is back. Hang his n@zi che@ting @ss
12 February, 14:11; tiantian, china
i have got the ticket for shanghai,so i will surely meet with you there,so exciting !i'll be there!
12 February, 13:34; 米豆, CHINA
I am right here waiting for you!
10 February, 12:54; 苏容, china
hi ,michael,tomorrow is my birthday.If you are happy,i will feel nice !i love you
9 February, 16:07; 苏容, china
HI,michael,one hour ago something has happened,that let me angry.i love you.
9 February, 12:29; 苏容, china
我第一来这个地方。我很激动,我很高兴跟这 么多的人一起来关注你,热爱你。。。加油! 舒米
8 February, 17:51; 飒飒, china
new turn of test is to start .come on darling .show your talent to the superfacial opponents!~
8 February, 15:53; 婷, CHN
8 February, 13:50; MSC 4EVER, China
where there's you

where there's my heart.
5 February, 17:35; 飒飒, china
哈哈 恭喜白白!

michael gib gas!
2 February, 08:46; 白白, CHINA
啊哈。昨天晚上,就在你试车结束的之后。我 得到了一份意外的惊喜。谢谢你的好运。我会 非常珍惜非常非常非常非常非常非常。
2 February, 06:13; 飒飒, china
哈哈 亲爱的小箭头
乃要加油哦 哈哈 乃可爱死了

michael, i don't know what to say .i have many butterflies in my stomach now.but i believe in you ,cause you never made us disappointed .the only thing i am worried about is that you do not take care of yourself!go !
2 February, 01:07; Schiplove, CHINA
I know you will do best ,,,always...please don't be tired...
1 February, 21:51; Che, China
Schumi, Welcome back! it's great to see you again!
1 February, 19:56; Alice, Lithuania
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