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13 September, 12:58; HAN LIANG, CHINA
Schumi ! You are the best !
13 September, 12:58; Scofield Chen, Shanghai China
Dear Micheal,
Thank you very much for you bring us the cheers and laughter and every wonderful match in the past 16 years!
16 years ago, we saw your talent, your wisdom, your courage and your power!We,all of your fans,think you are the best of Formula 1 Racer,even beyond Ayrton Senna!
But now that you have chosen left Formula 1!We are all so sad even though we know that you always have to leave one day, however, we do not want it to the arrival!But you chosen retired.As usual we will still support you and wish you like the past 16 years!
At last,I wish you and your wife Corina,your kids happy every day!Whether you returned, we will always support you!
Goodbye my hero!
Good luck!
13 September, 12:50; sanja, macedonia
oooooh pleeeeeeeeeesee Schumi don\'t go, we will all stop waching if you stop racing it\'s not fer you are my hero I\'ve grown up with you I\'ve 15 yers old and me and my brother are your biggest fans from macedonia don\'t go WE LOVE YOU WE NEED YOU DON\'T GO
13 September, 12:50; Lapos Istvan, Hungary
Schumi is the best.
13 September, 12:48; Katka, Czech
Tomas CZ: Jaka Kate?
13 September, 12:47; Okin, New Zealand
You are the one and the ONLY ONE truely can claim to be the best driver EVER to be living on planet earth. Good youngersters are coming thru, but there will never be another MICHAEL SCHUMACHER. SHUMEY FOR EVER, AMEN!!!
13 September, 12:46; anne marie, northern ireland
Michael the truth has finally set in I don\'t think i\'ll be watching f1 next year i still can\'t believe that we will not see you at spa next year i wish you well in whatever you do. enjoy your time with your family they deserve to have you to themselves for the first time but just know your are our champion nut just through racing but all the work you do for charity you are more than a man forza schumi in my heart xx
13 September, 12:40; lulu, china
always be your fans
13 September, 12:36; jenny, CHINA
Micheal, no body can instead of you. You are the greatest one in F1 . Best wishes for you !
13 September, 12:33; wudi, China
舒马赫 ,不管你走到哪里,做什么,我一直会支持你 ,加油。
13 September, 12:27; ЛЕХА, РОССИЯ
13 September, 12:24; Tomáš, CZ
Cau Kate, jsi tu jeste? Jinak, pravda pravdouci :)
13 September, 12:23; kate, czech
schumi 7 its nice number but 8 its soooo much better :o))) sooo GOOD LUCK show the world who is here the bigest star
13 September, 12:20; Zhang Ting, China
why do you gleave us?
13 September, 12:18; Levi, Hungary
I know, we can not make you stay, but I am sad. I\'ve started watching f1 because of you(in 1998) and since then I only missed about 6 races. Without you f1 won\' t be the same. I will always remember you. The only thing I regret is, that I\'ve never seen any of your races live, only on TV. I wish you good luck and I hope you retire as 8 time f1 champion.
13 September, 12:10; kate, czech
and ALONSO who do u think u are? U are first time world champion and u act like u are somethink better than schumi... so open your eyes becouse next to Michael u are NOTHING soooo wake up boy ....
13 September, 12:10; KEVIN, CHINA
China has the lagerest population.In our you have many many fans who depply love you .So,plese,plese do not leave.
13 September, 12:07; kate, czech
michael, u are the best forever... U have dann soo much and I think that everybody will always remember your name when someonce say FERRARI .... I think that u choose the right time to leave becouse u leave when u are on the top ... noonce was ever better than u... soo big THANKS and good luck
13 September, 12:04; swathi, india
you cant leave..you re the best..don feel lik watchin f1 when you aren ther..plz stay..
13 September, 12:03; NEVES, CHINA
13 September, 11:50; REBECCA, CHINA
Please stay in F1,We need U!!!
13 September, 11:42; Nathalie, Russia
good luck, my friend!!!
13 September, 11:36; Renee, New Zealand
ok i hope you are still here. i am getting off internet now coz it\'s bed time now, goodbye. I will see you on this site on Saturday 13:00, and I will email you on Friday. Pse replay me.lol.
13 September, 11:36; Nathalie, Russia
I`m very good in Russian history, but not so good in English.
Sorry, I`m very tired and I want go to sleep, I send letter for you tomorrow, ok?
13 September, 11:30; Renee, New Zealand
what time dose the school normally finish in Russia?
Are you on school holiday now?
13 September, 11:27; Renee, New Zealand
I have to check the world map, and I live in Auckland, the biggest city in NZ.
hows school like in Russia?
13 September, 11:25; Nathalie, Russia
Renee, yes I know where New Zealand :) I live in Chelyabinsk, near Urals mountiens
13 September, 11:19; Fernando Alonso, Renault Garage
21:15. Nathalie, call me Renee if you like?
Which part of Russia r u coming from?Moscow?
do u know where New Zealand is?
13 September, 11:17; Flavio Briatore, Renault Garage
in Russia now 15:15, and in New Zealand?
please, don`t call me flavio, I`m Nathalie!!! :)
13 September, 11:12; Fernando Alonso, Renault Garage
What\'s the time in Russia now flavio?
What do you think about my email?
13 September, 11:11; Fernando Alonso, Renault Garage
Yes I am here Flavio, how are you?Have you read my email
13 September, 11:10; Flavio Briatore, Renault Garage
yes, i read. yestoday or tomorrow I send letter for you
13 September, 11:09; Flavio Briatore, Renault Garage
Michael - the best!!!
Fernando if you hear me, please send message for me
13 September, 11:08; Fernando Alonso, Renault Garage
Sorry, I was off internet before, have you read my email?
13 September, 11:07; alicija, Lithuania
Pamirsau pasakyti, ne kiek net neabejoju, kad tapsi 8kart pasaulio cempionu. You win this championship.
13 September, 11:03; alicija, Lithuania
Man labai labai gaila, jog nusprendei iseiti. Verkiau kai isejai. Tu isejai graziai ir tavo sprendimas veikiausiai buvo teisingas. Zinok, jog kiekvienas is TIKRUJU tavo gerbeju, supranta ir palaiko tavo sprendima, nes tik tu musu visu laiku karalius ir mes mylime tave. Vienintelis dalykas, F1 jau niekada nebebus tokia pati, tik del taves susidomejau F1, bet Ferrari palaikysiu net ir po tavo isejimo. Myliu tave.
13 September, 11:00; David Šikl, Czech Republic
Michael, you are the best and you will be for me champion forever.
13 September, 10:58; blue lee, china
stay and win again!
13 September, 10:56; JILL YANG, P.R.CHINA
13 September, 10:53; Semen, Russia
please stay! Michael
13 September, 10:51; ZengYi, PRC
San Schumi!You\'re the Best!LOVE YOU FOREVER
13 September, 10:48; aleš, slovenija
f1 will never be the same
13 September, 10:47; Flavio, Renault Garage
Fernando if you here, please send me message
13 September, 10:44; zhangyan, china
I will support you forever
13 September, 10:42; Geraldine McManus, Ireland
Please don\'t quit F1, We need you - Please Stay
13 September, 10:32; mahith, india
i think d craze 4 f1 ends wit schumi.....pls stay
13 September, 10:32; Renren, china
Michael!! plzzzzzzzzz`` stay with us!! I\'m beggin u!! My king!!
13 September, 10:20; NItesh, india
dr schumi.. plz stay.. i dont kno y u wanna leave while ur carrer is soarin high.. it\'ll b a grave disappointment 4 all ur fans if u leave..
13 September, 10:13; punguin, china
king,when you decide to leave ,i felt so sad,but i\'ll respect what you had decided,and i\'ll love you and suport you forever!good bye ,my king,i wish you will happy every day
13 September, 09:58; mumu, china
because of your leaving ,maybe F1 is nothing for me.
I love you. please stay
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