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27 December, 13:46; CacheWang, China
Thank you,Schumi!
27 December, 13:45; CacheWang, China
Thank you,Schumi!
27 December, 12:56; 飒飒, china
what a fantastic ending of the tough year! thank you michael, your coming back means everything ! no point taking other things into consideration!
27 December, 12:25; Michaelia, China
thanx Schumi, we will love you and stand by you all the time!
27 December, 12:20; sylvia, china
Michael well come back!!!!
27 December, 11:27; Yuki Liu, China
Reallly thank u for coming back!!!
We love u。。。
27 December, 11:18; zhang xiaoxiao, China
Michael, thank you for your coming back. I have no more words to say. you are the only king of F1.
27 December, 10:58; 刘威, china
welcome back,Michael Schumacher
27 December, 10:56; Lavinia, CHINA
Das ist ein Traum,dass du wieder Formel 1 zurückkehrst!Lassen wir in Shanghai treffen!ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ
27 December, 10:00; 蕊, china
miss u soooooooo much,welcome back&i'm coming back to you
27 December, 09:22; Elaine_Xu, China
welcome back,Schumi
27 December, 09:08; 毛威, China
Thank you ,hope you can achieve your dream!
27 December, 08:58; Evangeline, USA
My dear Schumi, I hope you can enjoy next year!

I'll try to see you on the track again...

You're always in my heart. Love U, always & forever...
27 December, 06:57; amber, China
Thanks for your return.
3 years, you give so much to me.
I really don't know how to return.
Respect, support and love——all I can give you.
27 December, 06:04; MSC7, China
Michael is champion all the time!
27 December, 05:54; cinderella9, China
My love ,come back,thank you,MICHAEL SCHUMACHER!
27 December, 05:16; Suihechunzi, China
Welcome back Michael!!!!!!
I'll support you as always no matter which team you work for~~
Love you~~~
27 December, 05:12; Eleanor, china
grateful to have you back...missing you so much
27 December, 02:43; sampson, china
I hope you will be success again
27 December, 01:20; Jack Zhang, Australia
Welcome back Michael, looking forward to enjoy watching F1 again.
26 December, 15:46; Michaelia, China
Miss you so much~~~welcome back!
and i will be back to F1,too~~
come on!Schumi!
26 December, 11:33; Che, China
Thank you, Schumi.
I know it sounds tidious but I really have to say this which I've said countless times. Be safe, be healthy and be happy.
Happy New Year!!
26 December, 11:08; Schip, China
My dearest please don't pay much attention to the Ferrari fans' complaints and some malicious word...

I wanna tell you that the ones who really love you will just follow you whenever and wherever...

I wanna see you happy...please be happy...
26 December, 09:47; Felicia, China
It's the best chrismas present for us.
26 December, 09:27; Jeanky, China
Welcome back.
26 December, 07:11; 莹, China
Welcome back.support you forever
26 December, 01:34; Mudzis, Latvia
How could you dare to leave Ferrari?
25 December, 15:47; Stella, China
Nothing gonna be too bad cuz I have u back.I love u schumi~
25 December, 11:42; 穆赫, China
Thank you!
25 December, 11:37; SimpleLove, China
Thank you for what ou do,after the long,boring,three years.
I just want to cry,to smile,and to yell,no matter in red or silevery.
Thank you,my dear Michael,for giving me the biggest gifts in Christmas of this year,so I can feel much warmth when standing in the clod winter,hold the courage to walk down all my way.
25 December, 10:03; 张蕊, CHINA
You are the king.Just stay.We will always stand by your side.
25 December, 09:49; 韵, China
Such a big present! May the happiness be wiyh you!
25 December, 06:34; haiky, China
Merry X'mas !!!!!!!!!
wating for you coming to China again!!!!
25 December, 05:53; 妖怪, China
Welcome back!I can't to wait to see you on the track again!
25 December, 05:32; Schiplove, China
Frohe Weihnachten dir und deiner ganzen Familie!~

Thanks for the biggest Christmas gift that you gave us.
25 December, 05:22; Cynthia Ding, China
welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!
24 December, 22:48; Sandra, UK
Its great to have you back in F1 Schumi
...its where you belong!
24 December, 16:46; Schiplove, China
Thank you.

I love you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
24 December, 16:37; kirk, china
that's a fantastic day!
24 December, 15:56; GGG, A DREAM TEAM
24 December, 13:40; MSC7, China
Michael Schumacher,I love you
24 December, 13:39; LOYALTY, China
Michael,my love is on fire!
24 December, 13:38; MSC7, China
Thank You!!!
Michael Schumacher is back!
24 December, 13:21; Stefan, Germany
I told You about 25.000 posts ago - You can´t be without F1 - i was right. I am so happy, You gave us the best Christmas gift
Merry Xmas for You and Your family and everyone here. CU in Hockenheim...:-)
24 December, 12:46; xianglu liu, China
you are formula one!
24 December, 09:46; Cindy, China
Schumi,Welcom back!I'll support u forever!
24 December, 08:06; Tracy, China
Michael, now I don't know how to express my mood, when I know you come back, I have a little want to cry...Although I never fancy you will come back, this time,this Chritmas, your news is my best gift that I receive. Thank you! I'll always stand behind you and support you like before...
24 December, 06:27; dong, China
welcome come back
24 December, 06:23; breezy, china
Thank you!!!!!thank you back to F1!!!!
24 December, 05:42; Haiky, China
this is best Christmas gift~
Welcome to back Michael
Go for it!!!!
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