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11 September, 10:53; Dačuks, Latvia
Loti žēl, ka Šūmahers beidz savu karjeru, bez viņa F1 vairs nebūs tādas sacīkstes kā bija :(
11 September, 10:53; f.totti, Slovakia
michael you are the best driver ever was...CHAMPION 2007...good luck
11 September, 10:52; MarcelS, Slovakia
Michael bol, je a stale bude jedinecnym jazcom. Nezalezi na tom, ci bude vyhravat alebo pretekat. Takto sa clovek musi narodit a tak i umrie. Urobil spravne rozhodnutie. Nemusi sa zapisat do nasich pamôti ako legenda, ktora prisla o zivot pri jazde.
11 September, 10:52; Martin, Germany
Hi Schumi, Du hast die Formel 1 geprägt wie kein anderer, Du bist der beste Fahrer aller Zeiten. Schade, dass Du aufhörst, aber der Tag musste ja irgendwann kommen. Ich glaube Du hast den richtigen Zeitpunkt gewählt. So lange immer unterwegs, weit weg von der Familie, das ist eine riesen Entbehrung. Vielen Dank Schumi
11 September, 10:48; Amlas shual, 214364578
你的离去是一个时代的结束,但对你的怀念永 远不会结束。
11 September, 10:47; D K, Rusland
Очень жаль. Завершается эпоха начавшаяся в борьбе и заканчивющаяся так-же. Что дальше все как-то бледно и не радостно
11 September, 10:47; CALABRONE, ITALY
Grazie al più grande pilota della storia di tutti gli sport motoristici.
The best driver in the history
11 September, 10:46; vinodh, tamilnadu, india
Schumi, my all time favourite its been ur spirit that makes more ppl like me to have u as a role model. Let ur contribution to the motor sports continue in the years to come.Good luck.
11 September, 10:45; steven, China
Michael, we love u!
stay for us.
11 September, 10:44; mutzev, bulgaria
Shumi is the best of the best.
11 September, 10:43; Jordan Iliev, Bulgaria
You made me happy thousand times for the last 14 years. Please give me one more year of passion and extreme emotions! Michael we love you! Don't leave us that way!
11 September, 10:40; Chen Jin, China P.R
Grazie Michael~~~~~~~~~~~
11 September, 10:39; Chen Baoxin, Shenzhen, China

11 September, 10:39; alessandro, italy
Al disen ca t'set TOGO! Ci mancherai. Briatore Bambino.
11 September, 10:38; Estelle Smith, Durban South Africa
I just want to know.....what now, what will you do instead of racing.....Hopefully we get to see you on the odd occasion. You will always be my favourite and the best driver ever to have raced in F1.
11 September, 10:37; Frank, Germany
Vielen Dank für 15 jahre F1 und so viele Geile Rennen
11 September, 10:37; Marco, germany
we just want u!!!!!!!!
11 September, 10:37; mayur oswal, india
hi schumi...pls don leave ur life to kill our life.....pls
11 September, 10:37; alessandro, italy
Thanks Michael.
11 September, 10:35; shpend shkodr, REPUBLIK OF KOSOVO
Michael Schumacher
allways the winner in my heart, allways the king in F1
if you must go good luck
but don't forget we love you we'll remember the days with you with your car withe the victory which belong to you
hope you get the eighth champion
we love you good luck, good luck, good luck
You are the KING of the F1, you are the KING in my lift!
I will always love you!!~~~
11 September, 10:35; fish no water, china-beijing
没有你的F1 就像鱼儿没有了水!
求你,不要走的太远,让我们时常可以搜索到 你的消息!
11 September, 10:33; SchmyFanPlaythis, China
You are the meaning of F1. You bring us a lot of happiness and excitement. Thank you and goodbye, best wishes to you!
11 September, 10:31; kirill, Belorusia
11 September, 10:31; eriko, japan
Thank you Shumi!
But I want you stay in F1.
Please stay in F1!!
We need you!!!
11 September, 10:29; nana, shanghai
虽然难过但还是支持你的每一个决定,你是我 们永远的车王。永远~~!!!
11 September, 10:29; Leonardo, Piacenza(Italy)
Please Michael stay with us
11 September, 10:28; Gaurav, Australia
Michael Schumacher... the best ever driver in the history of Formula 1 Racing... NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO BEAT HIS RECORDS..... Thanks Michael...
11 September, 10:28; gina, china
you are the hero!!
11 September, 10:26; Salvatore, Italy
Thank you michael for all these years... but please stay with us because WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!
11 September, 10:24; finn, ukraine
Schumy you are the BEST!!!!!!

The hunt is over
So the feast begins
Why search for endurance
When all is said and done?

Thank you!!!!!
11 September, 10:22; Emanuele(tdi89), Italia
Scrivono tutti in inglese, poco male, me ne frego.
Grazie per questi anni, spero riuscirai a soffiare il mondiale ai 2 tamarri...
11 September, 10:21; Bob, Germany
Eine Legende geht seinen Weg! Du bist der Beste und wirst immer der Beste sein"
11 September, 10:21; tianjuan, china
Don't go!!Please!
11 September, 10:20; sissi, china
michael,f1 need you
11 September, 10:17; cesare, Italy, Rome
resta! resta !!!
you're the best of every time, THANKS FOR ALL, don't go away, pelase !!!!!!
11 September, 10:17; for MS for victory, Shanghai China
it's your race it's your tme it's your champion
have a pleasant journey and good luck
we love you
you allways in my heart
11 September, 10:15; radio italia anni 60, Italia
you're the best
11 September, 10:11; Lele, Italy
11 September, 10:11; Joshua, CHINA
To michael
allways the winner in my heart
allways the king in F1
if you must go
good luck
but don't frget
we love you we'll remember the days with you with your car withe the victory which belong to you
hope you get the eighth champion
we love you good luck good luck
11 September, 10:11; Jane, china,shanghai
I can't live without you.
11 September, 10:06; C.Kerou, China
love you,forever。
11 September, 10:04; eastes, south africa
We beg you, plz stay.
It wil not be the same without you.
11 September, 10:04; yonghong kou, China
i want to...........................
11 September, 10:04; Stef, Italy
Dear Michael, I've been a great fan of yours for many years now. I'm devasted to know you're leaving F1 for good at the end of this season, but altough I'd do everything to make you change your mind - you're still the best, by far, in the circus - I respect your decision and wish you all the best. May your life be full of love, joy and happiness... the same feelings you gave us with your victories.
I'll never forget you.
Lots of love,

11 September, 10:02; Jean, China
11 September, 10:02; Sola, Russia
Michael - BEST. FOREVER!!!!! : (
11 September, 10:01; zhangge, china
11 September, 10:00; Krasimir Yankov, Bulgaria
Michael, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
11 September, 09:58; caoqian, china
michael please stay in f1
11 September, 09:58; zouhc, china
在我的心目中你代表了法拉利,代表了红色, 代表了F1
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