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11 September, 06:07; NINIFAN, CHINA
Michael, you are always my hero.don't leave,please.
11 September, 06:07; Toni Lee, USA
Please stay, Michael. You have a talent that is still needed. You are an inspiration to many.
11 September, 06:06; JAY朱, shanghai china
希望舒马赫能在上海拿到冠军超过阿龙索拿第 8个世界冠军!!!
11 September, 06:02; loveshumi, china
11 September, 05:57; MZJ, CHINA
SHUMI Don't leave.We will remember you forever.
You are my favorite player.;
11 September, 05:54; suny, china
11 September, 05:53; MZX, CHINA
11 September, 05:52; Xaero, China
Please please please continue to create miracle in F1
11 September, 05:50; teja, india
PANI KE BINA SAMUNDAR ME KYA HAI.................SCHUMI KE BINA F1 me kya hai..................pls dont quit schumi.u rock.
11 September, 05:49; 舒情F1, china
11 September, 05:46; Josephine, China
11 September, 05:44; D.J-HU, CHINA
You are my hero
Waitting for you in shanghai
11 September, 05:44; MSyin, china
please not go
11 September, 05:43; 为你疯狂, china
11 September, 05:41; kathleenschumacher, china

Wherever you go, whatever you do,我的目光会始终追随着你.

good-bye my love 我的爱人再见


With much love to you, from
11 September, 05:40; Rajeevalochan, Ramaswamy
Hi Schumi, I will be missing yuo from next year. I was hopeful that you would race atleast once in India. Please considier your decision if there is atleast slightest chance of staying in F1 for the coming year.

Its not only that you are extremely talented person, but the co-ordination with the Ferrari team, the decipline showed to lift the team from no where in 2005 to champions in 2006 ... you deserve to stay for atleast one more year.

I really miss you, but would respect your decision though. I cannot imagine things from your angle. You are the best judge. God bless you.
11 September, 05:40; victor zhou, canada
u r the best ever, plz stay 4 all ppl who love F1.
we love u all over the world!!
11 September, 05:39; Hades, Shanghai, China
No Michael, no formula 1.
11 September, 05:37; 流浪闲人, China
11 September, 05:36; Antonio, China PR
11 September, 05:33; Tracy, China
We will miss you forever!
11 September, 05:29; Vova, Russia
Michael,please stay in formula one!
My Love Your
You God!!!
11 September, 05:28; AG, Phil
You'll be missed Michael.
11 September, 05:26; Andriy, Ukraine
Please, stay!!!!
11 September, 05:26; lili, China
11 September, 05:24; Sue, China
Please come back, we cant be in F1 without you!
11 September, 05:20; zhu yunling, China
Your are the king of the sport. F1 won't be attractive anymore after your leaving. Please stay for more seasons,Schumi!
11 September, 05:16; Feng Bo, CHINA
11 September, 05:14; Vita, Czech republic
Thanks a lot for everything!!!!!Schumi forever

"Dekuji za vsechno!!! Schumi na vzdy"
11 September, 05:13; Mamamia, 中国上海
11 September, 05:12; chenyuan, china
Whatever decision you made , I'll support you:)
11 September, 05:11; Kevin, China
Stay with us all the way!
11 September, 05:10; proficient_, China
年龄不应该成为你继续前进的阻挡.我们希望 你继续驰骋在F1的赛场上.有了你F1才会 精彩!
11 September, 05:07; 苍山傲雪, 17643453
11 September, 05:00; Dmitry, Russia
Shummi, ne uhodi! Bez tebja F1 budet bezlika, na kok smotret', esli tolko ne na nstoyatschego CHEMPIONA? Schummi - legendary pilot of F1 forever!!!
11 September, 04:55; Joab.Luo, China
Schumacher! U r my God! Pls stay with us! We don't think u can leave, leave Ur car, leave the Grand Prix and leave us!
11 September, 04:54; Rajiv, India
If F1 then it is you Shumi... It will be good to see you for some more seasons in this sport...but I gladly welcome your decision to quit at this time when you are in the peak... Now... bang this season to carry another title in you glittering crown... YOU ARE THE BEST !!!
11 September, 04:54; judy, China
11 September, 04:53; 小3, CHINA
11 September, 04:51; daisy, china
11 September, 04:51; ismenia, venezuela
I don't want that you fence yourself
fuistes and you will be the present past and future in the world of the motoring
because you don't stay??
you are the best thing he/she no longer goes to make the same thing without you
I love you!!"!" and I will never forget you
11 September, 04:47; JACKEY, CHINA
11 September, 04:46; Leslie C.Y. Tang, Malaysia
Schumi, please re-consider your retirement! F1 will get bored without you! You are the legand among legend in F1 & the gratest driver ever in F1 history. You are my idol forever! I beg you to stay & win the perfect 10th world title! I strongly believe that you are the only one can make it!

Leslie C.Y. Tang from Malaysia
11 September, 04:45; Sudarshan, India
Please don't go Micheal. F1 still needs you !!!
11 September, 04:40; 老张, China
是你带我进入了F-1,是你给我们留下了美好的 回忆,谢谢你我们的车王
11 September, 04:38; wangying, china
11 September, 04:35; Paola Daniela, Venezuela!
Mick please stay with us! We love u!!! Without u the F-1 never be the same! Sorry my english is very bad! But I love u!!!! and i don't wanna be with u! ERES MI IDOLO! OJALA T PUDIERA CONOCER TE AMO! La formula uno no sera nada sin TI! No te vayas por favor! Le diste un rey a la F1! Eres el rey de reyes! Nadie como tu! Estoy sumamente deprimida porque te vas! Ya nunca mas vere la formula uno! Sin ti no vale la pena! TE AMO Y QUEDATE POR FAVOR!
11 September, 04:34; harvey, china
we are watting for u come back
11 September, 04:33; HIYO, CHINA
永远的冠军,永远的第一,永远的记录,永远 的辉煌,永远的跃马,永远的红色,永远的舒 米,永远的奇迹!
11 September, 04:32; gaoda, china,beijing
I will always love you!!
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