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11 September, 03:07; Zhu Hai Hua, China 浙江
Michael 请不要离开F1,我们需要看到你!
11 September, 03:05; 朱大庆, 中国
11 September, 03:05; Elise, Latvia
Schumi, thank you very much for your job in F1! Good bye and good luck! :))
11 September, 03:03; shum, china
I know that since you have already made your decision, it's not very likely that you will change it,no matter how many hearts are broken for your leaving.wish you happiness with your family in the rest of your life.we will never forget you and all the great moments and feelings that you brought to us!
11 September, 02:59; Stiks, Russia
Schumi stay , please
11 September, 02:58; sophia wang, China
11 September, 02:58; 徐叶锋, 中国
11 September, 02:57; lei ming, china
When i heard michael said he will retire,I can not cantrol my tears and say any words .I love michael ten years ago.In this ten years,I have gone to mature with schumacher.I believe macheal is the best!
11 September, 02:56; 许鸣界, china
SCHUMY will never leave his fans. u are the greatest driver in the f1 WORLD.
第一次知道你是电视报道你在冠军领奖台上领 奖奏意大利国歌时,手挥帽子打节拍,被意大 利车迷谴责。
11 September, 02:48; hakka, China
舒米,你是我心中的神,不可替代,在没有你饿日 子里,F1变的悄然无趣.不想你离开
11 September, 02:48; sashidhar, india
we miss a lot
11 September, 02:44; wind shu, china
Michael . you are my god in my heart!
11 September, 02:43; 刘海涛, 中国
11 September, 02:42; Zhu Hai Hua, 中国浙江省临海市
11 September, 02:41; 梦飞扬, 中国
11 September, 02:36; Jino, 台灣
11 September, 02:33; 赵萌, 中国china
I will remenber you forever!
please stay in F1!
我看你比赛有8年了,跟抗战似的.......请你不要 离开..
11 September, 02:31; linnet, china
Michael, you are the best!
11 September, 02:22; michel, china
michael, I know you will leave F! .
but I still remenber you !!!
11 September, 02:21; deric, philippines
I really like schumacher since I started watching F1 wayback in 1998. Schumacher please stay. F1 will never be the same without you.
11 September, 02:17; ROBIN, Japan
Shumi! Please, stay in F1!
we need you!!
You are still the best !
11 September, 01:58; 2 fans, Argentina-Italy
tell to the stupid cucuruccu of spain that this site is not for the stupid spanish drivers and his "supporters", is only for the champion!! shut up!!!! And for all the stupid guys who are not interested at F1: get out of here, we don't care at your useless words! Schumy, yuo're great! Thank you!!!!
11 September, 01:53; phoebe, China
I lcve Michael!
11 September, 01:47; Motz, Austria
Schumi Du bist die Nr.1!!
Ich wünsch Dir und deiner Familie alles alles Gute und komm bald wieder zurück in die F1!!
11 September, 01:44; Charlene, Malaysia
Michael, you are the BEST! You will always be my No 1. You are the GREATEST. Please stay! MALAYSIA loves you!!!
11 September, 01:43; Ale, Italy
Non ci lasciare! Senza di te non è più la stessa cosa, non ci sarà più nessuno come te! Italy is with you, don't leave us, Germany is with you too, don't leave formula 1... but if this decision is immutable, good luck for your life! if you'll want to return in F1, you'll be ever welcome... goodbye!!
11 September, 01:38; Daniel Sugg, Germany
Danke Michael für alles du hast mir soviel gegeben ich werde immer dein Fan bleiben egal was du in Zukunft machst hol dir jetzt noch beide Titel dann hast du alles mehr wie richtig gemacht ich drück dir alle daumen ich werde wahrscheinlich weinen wenn das letzte mal aus dem Auto steigst aber das ist scho ok FOREVER THE BEST MICHAEL SCHUMACHER
11 September, 01:30; Andersoni, GER
11 September, 01:28; Will Davies, UK
A group of F1 fans have got together to pay tribute to departing F1 legend Michael Schumacher by creating a book of thanks on the internet which will be printed off and bound and given to Michael. Fans of the multiple world champion or fans who want to say thanks can leave their messages for Michael at
11 September, 01:27; Michele, Italy
Non andare!! Ti prego, ripensaci! Non lasciare la Formula 1 in mano a quel paraculo di alonso!! Please, Michael, don't go! We love you!!!!
11 September, 01:23; Enrique Solórzano, México
Michael: realmente no se porque te vas. Eres el mejor de ahora y de los últimos años, ¿que será de la F1 sin ti? realmente dejas un hueco que nadie podrá algún día llenar.
11 September, 01:22; GU Qingna, China
One more year, please!!!
11 September, 01:20; Tobias W., Deutschland/Germany
SCHUMI du bist der beste! Wir lieben dich und werden dich nei vergessen! Ich bin 15 Jahre alt und bin heut heulend vorm Fernseher gesessen!!!! Ich finde es schade das ich deine rießige Kariere nicht von anfang an mit erleben konnte, sondern nur noch ein paar AJhre!! Der Formel1 wird etwas fehlen!!! We love you! You are teh best!!!
11 September, 01:19; Michael Schumacher, Marenello
First off, I would like to thank EACH and EVERY one whohas supported me throughout my carear. In particular race weekends, I had a lot of pressures built upon me, and the passion amongst the Tifosi is incredible, it is you who I have to thank for all my sucesses. I have not decided on my future as yet, I always said the day I retire, I will rest, but I cannot forsee no further contact with the Ferrari family. I will once again thankyou, I have shead many tears today, and all for the SPORT, that is Formula1.
M. Schumacher
11 September, 01:07; Christina, Malaysia
Michael, F1 will never the same with you. Please stay!
11 September, 01:05; Cs Isti, Romania
Cmon Schumi!!!! One last title m8!!!!!! One last title...:((((((...
11 September, 01:05; Chen Hao, China
Michael, wherever you are, you are the champion in my heart! Good luck forever!!!
11 September, 01:01; Jack, Poland
Schumacher & Kubica
11 September, 01:00; Tony, Bulgaria
Michael, thank you so much for those 15 years and those seven world titles!. You are the best!!! Good luck!
11 September, 00:47; Kris, UK
SCHUMACHER FOREVER!!!!! F1 will not be the same without you! I'll have no one to support come Australia '07 (Kimi Raikonnen = V.Poor replacement) So Micheal please race DTM for the next few years and then go Grand Prix Masters and thrash Mansell (again!) please Michael!!!!!
11 September, 00:39; Chenhe Guo, China
Michael Schumacher F1 = Michael Schumacher Forever nº1

11 September, 00:35; Mike Oxbigg, USA
Enjoy the retirement...don't come back.
11 September, 00:28; Erkki Viitasaari, Finland
Please, give us at least one more season..
11 September, 00:27; Lazar Yanchev, Bulgaria
Schumy is GOD!!!
11 September, 00:09; Will Davies, UK
A group of F1 fans have got together to pay tribute to departing F1 legend Michael Schumacher by creating a book of thanks on the internet which will be printed off and bound and given to Michael. Fans of the multiple world champion or fans who want to say thanks can leave their messages for Michael at
10 September, 23:55; Shocked, UK
After watching the race this weekend, I have to say that I am shocked and totally disgusted. Ferrari and Michael Schumacher have always been 'controversial', but this was the pits, they should be completely ashamed. Alonso was NOT impedeing Massa, that was obvious, Alonso drove an amazingly brave lap to put him in 5th place, had it been anyone else, nothing would have been said. After what happened today, I am sorry I am an F1 fan, I can only pray that this stops now that Schumacher is finally retiring, not one of his championships was ever won fairly. I only hope Kini will not stoop so low in the future. I hope that Renault play Ferrai at their own game and take him out in the last 3 races. Schumacher and ferari.....YOU DISGUST ME!
10 September, 23:54; Stefan, Romania
Michael, thank you very much!. You are the best!! The Formula 1 will be poor without you.
10 September, 23:53; OLEA, Moldova
peredaiu privet 10 September, 22:58; Me La More!ti
10 September, 23:51; Paula, Slovakia
:( tak a je tu koniec formule1, bez teba Schumi to uz nebude ono.
Si kral a tak to aj ostane, vela stastia do realneho zivota...
Mozno sa ti zacnie a vratis sa...
10 September, 23:47; alain, euskadi
Michael Schumacher F1 = Michael Schumacher Forever nº1

We miss you very much, you are simply the best, my hero champion.
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