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5 August, 14:19; luck.chen, china
welcome back!!! forever king!!
5 August, 14:17; 许东波, 中国
welcome back!!! we love you forever!!
5 August, 13:24; ken, china
good luck
5 August, 08:53; LU . Lee, China
i love you ,your family, forever!!!!
i don not believe "forever",but you__michael worth!!!
5 August, 08:40; yan xiang, china
You are our hearts forever god car ! Thank you for your dedication to our best game! The greatest driver ! i love you!
5 August, 07:42; fred, china
My God
5 August, 06:01; Vv., China
Welcome back .
5 August, 05:46; tiantian, china
you say you really love challenges
you think we would love them,too
i say ,yes!!!
4 August, 23:08; Pierre, France
Mille fois merci Michael, le bonheur de vous revoir en piste semblait s'etre définitivement évanoui....il faut donc bien croire aux miracles !!!!
La F1 sans vous n'était plus la meme, elle va renaitre pour un moment que nous souhaitons le plus long possible.
Nos voeux de prompt rétablissement vont bien sur à Felippe.
MERCI encore, GOOD LUCK !!!!!
4 August, 22:23; Marco, Germany
Michael...oft schaue ich deine Videos wieder an. Ich bin immer wieder begeistert von deinem unbedigem Willen. Man muss nur fest an sich glauben!!!und das tust du...deshalb...bin ich sicher dass du eine super Leistung wieder bringen wirst!!
Danke für all die schönen Momente!!!
4 August, 09:49; jan, China
Michael,it will be a hard time The European Grand Prix,
but we all know you will fight for it!
I am looking forward to seeing you in Valencia!
Good luck to you!
4 August, 05:47; Kirio, China
Schumi,I don't know whether you can stay here forever……
But,you will stay in my heart forever.

Welcome back!

I can't stop cring when I know you'll back,Ican't how much I love you.

You are my champion,forever
3 August, 16:24; Big FAN, World
For all Schuey fans. Album:
Stand_Up_for_the_Champion_(Michael_Schumacher-Die_Offizielle _Abschieds-CD)-2006-VOiCE

3 August, 15:27; Vova, Ukraine
Welcome back, SChumi!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to you in The European Grand Prix
3 August, 14:59; Connie Gao, China
Surprise!! big surprise. do you know how happy we are! even can't help crying
3 August, 14:23; Miffy Guo, China
Michael, I can not wait to see you again. Please do not leave F1. We all need you.
3 August, 12:48; 顾顾, CHINA
3 August, 12:33; Yvonne, China
I love Michael
3 August, 08:32; Cynthia, China
Welcome Back !
No matter how far you will go, you are the best !
3 August, 07:56; Zhang Xiaoxiao, China
Michael, you are the only reason that make me watch F1. you are one part of my soul. when you left, i felt to die. now you come back, i could back. Danke MICHAEL. wish you get a good show on EUROPEAN MATCH.
3 August, 04:59; WE.Pepsi.SKY, China
支持Michael .加油!
2 August, 16:55; Svetlana, Russia
Welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you even no idea how much we are happy to return your !!!!!!!! Good luck to you in Valencia !!!!!
We love you !!!!!
2 August, 12:08; Ruby, China
Welcome back, Michael!
2 August, 11:35; tobias johansson, sweden
Please, don't leave f1
2 August, 11:33; jan, China
I have kown the news for several days,
but I don't kown how to describe my feelings.
my dream has come true!!
just in a word,welcome back!!!
2 August, 11:31; 董##, CHINA
Love you,support you.
2 August, 08:49; ross, China
Schumi,thank you for the fantastic 16 years you bring us!!
May you stop,but our love NEVER!!
2 August, 08:17; janie, china
Welcome back. Waiting for you,Asia
2 August, 02:22; 莹莹, China
Love you!Miss you! My hero!
1 August, 17:15; MSC 4EVER, China
1 August, 14:02; lavence, China
Yourconing back was once the most fantastic dream in my life, now it bacome a truth...
1 August, 13:45; Meredith, China
Michael,it's great to have you back in F1!But just try your best,don't push yourself too hard.Your happiness is the only thing we want.
1 August, 13:27; Tracy, China
Michael, I'm happy that you come back. Don't worry anything! I'll surpport you anywhere and anytime!
1 August, 11:37; 婷, CHINA
8月23,西班牙见! 我好久没看F1了,好高兴啊!你的回归让我又
1 August, 11:16; liuxianghuan, china
1 August, 11:15; Liuazu, China
1 August, 09:44; tiantian, china
"shumi&corinna" means forever love~~~
you make me believe the entity of true love!
just be happy ,waiting for the back~~
1 August, 09:07; Villr, CHINA
HAPPY 14-YEAR wedding anniversary...



I'm looking forward to seeing u...

But I also hope that day would never come...

cause in that way...

I can never lose you again...
1 August, 08:20; miss, china
1 August, 07:24; Michael Schumacher, 中国
1 August, 04:04; 阴德东, 中国
1 August, 03:35; Jammie, China
Thanks to come back!
Without you, F1 means nothting to us!
I am glad that I can watch F1 again.
31 July, 20:13; Anna and Olga, Russia
Welcome back Michael !
Love you !!!
You are the king F1 forever in our hearts.
You are the best!
31 July, 17:25; GOD, 中国
舒米 咱又回来勒 你走了以后有俩年多没看F1 渐渐的忘记勒引擎的轰鸣。。
31 July, 17:08; ice, China
31 July, 16:38; HMS, Finland
Welcome back Michael!! You have been missed!!!!!
31 July, 16:19; Liuazu, China
老 朋 友 8 月 23 日 . 期 待 你 的 出 现 ! 不 见 不 散 喔
31 July, 16:06; liuazu, 中国
舒 马 赫 不 在 F1 日 子, 看 F1 就 想 睡 觉
31 July, 15:46; Liza, 中国
31 July, 13:45; ALX, Moldova
Schumacher testing old F1 car at Mugello

Michael Schumacher has began his preparation to return to Formula 1 action at the European Grand Prix next month.

The seven-time world champion will replace Felipe Massa in the Valencia race as the Brazilian continues with his recovery following the accident he suffered at the Hungarian Grand Prix last weekend.

Schumacher travelled to Ferrari's factory in Maranello yesterday, where he worked at the static simulator to check the functionality of the steering wheel.

The German has borrowed an F2007 car and he is reported to be testing at the Mugello circuit today since 11am.

Schumacher admitted that he is trying to get as much mileage as possible before his return, even if it means driving old cars.

"There is this test ban in Formula 1, therefore I contacted some of the guys from F1 Clienti if they could give me a car," Schumacher wrote on his website.

"Although those cars are not current or last year's ones, I simply like to drive as much as possible, so this is a good option. The next weeks will be totally on preparation then."
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