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6 September, 19:19; Csaba, Hungary
I like you are stay! The Formula-1 need are you!!!!
6 September, 19:18; PriZraK, Russian federation
Shumi, Russia loves your! Yoar are the Greatest!!
6 September, 19:18; Peter, Hungary
Michael! You are the best! PLEASE DON'T GO! FORZA FERRARI!!!!!
6 September, 19:17; simon, ENGLAND
PLEASE hurry up and leave you talentless crout with no overtaking skills unless in the pits !
6 September, 19:17; anakin, Russia
Michael is the BEST!!!! Forever!!! Pleeeeaaaase don't go!
6 September, 19:17; Emin, Azerbaijan
Michael, please, stay with Formula-1! Stay with Ferrari! Stay with us!
Михаэль, пожалуйста, останься с Формулой-1! Останься с Феррари! Останься с нами!
6 September, 19:15; Dan, Moldova
Alonso luzerrrrr,Michael the best. Scuderia 4-ever!
6 September, 19:14; Dan, Moldova
schumi you are the BEST!!!!!!! my country love you fery mutch.Россия и Шуми 4-ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-================]]]]]]]]]]]
6 September, 19:03; Criss, Romania
Kick Alonso's but!
6 September, 18:56; Palo, Slovakia
Michael, you are hero! pls do not go!
6 September, 18:49; Ralf, Hungary
6 September, 18:49; Steve, UK
You have brought joy to me and so many, so now it's your turn; do whatever is right for you. You are intelligent in and out of the car and a great man.
6 September, 18:46; F1Fan, Belgie
Schumi blijf in de F1 je bent nog steeds de beste die er is.
6 September, 18:39; Patak, Hungary
6 September, 18:38; Jesús, Spain
Please don't give up.

F1 needs you.
6 September, 18:36; Alberto Dietz, Spain
Hi, Michael
Although I wish you would continue, you are your own boss and I respect whatever decision you take.
Best regards and ... Forza !
Alberto Dietz
6 September, 18:33; Nebojsa, Serbia
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay....
9 is my lucky number
6 September, 18:29; kimi rakkonien, finland
pls micheal leave, i dont want u 2 embarras me next year. there is no way i can beat u in the same car, have pity on me.
6 September, 18:26; Sara, Spain
Michael you're the best driver in the history of F1... please stay in Ferrari....

Michael eres el mejor piloto de la historia de la F1... todos nosotros te echaremos de menos si te vas.... Por Favor, quedate en Ferrari
6 September, 18:22; M@no, Hungary
Micheal, please stay in Formula 1! this will is boring without you!
6 September, 18:22; Lucia, China
Michael please don't go.
I love you and only love you.
So many tracks are still waiting for you to conquer!
I don't know how to live without you.
If you go..please tell me how can i quit you...
6 September, 18:18; MP, Germany
Mighty Michael, please stay, I couldn't stand to have my pajamas stay dry all night
6 September, 18:15; Paulo, Portugal
Stay. It seems that some peoplo are afraid that you keep going and rule out their weekends.
Long live the Red Baron.
6 September, 18:02; Mat, UK
Still the champ win or not! You're still a young guy what's one more year to say your goodbye's.
6 September, 18:00; Parham Pourbayramian, sweden
Plizzzz STAY , i havent seen you on a f1 course and if i miss it i will kill myself !!!
6 September, 17:59; witchzwj, china
You're my god,Please stay
6 September, 17:59; FENIX, RUSSIA
Shumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST STAY IN F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 17:58; ggloser, china
ты тупой урод, ездить не умеешь
дурак! даже молодой лох , сосунок алонсо и то побеждаета ты блин хавало отрастил а ума не надил
6 September, 17:52; Kamil, Poland
Szumacher pisdo co Ty odpierdlasz? Schumi don't lose your faith. Good luck
6 September, 17:46; Lauris, Lithuania
Shumy, u are the best!!!
6 September, 17:45; caroline, china
schumi,please stay,PLEASE! f1 will be different without you
6 September, 17:44; Balogh Tibor (Medalla), Hungary
Michael, please, stay in the World of F-1! We (and my whole Family) are Your fanatics, and Your Friends!!!
6 September, 17:33; Reverse, Russia
Михаэль, не уходи, останься с нами! Без тебя формула будет уже не та!!!
6 September, 17:30; Patrick, UK
Michael, Please stay my friend, who cares if you don't win this years championship,.
You are a Champion and a legend...
Please Stay!
Good luck
6 September, 17:28; SKOH, Singapore
I don't watch MoToGP Anymore because no more Eddie Lawson or Wayne Rainy
6 September, 17:27; sag1966, Ukraine
Присоединяюсь ко всем, кто не мыслит современную Формулу 1 без Михаэля. Не уходи!
6 September, 17:26; SKOH, Singapore
Micheal, pls stay!!! I only watch F1 because of you.
6 September, 17:26; Osiris, Nederland
Take Ferrari to the top again!
6 September, 17:25; Ada, china
Schumi,I Love you!
Do not let me despair!!!You are my all!!!
6 September, 17:19; Keijo, Finland
Keep on going!
You cant quit now!
6 September, 17:19; Christian, Sweden
Schumi, one more year please!!!
6 September, 17:10; John, CHINA
Dear Michael Schumacher!
Please! Do not retire!
6 September, 17:08; inferno2ghjjk, Germany
Михаэль, останься
потому что без тебя гонки становятся неинтересными
6 September, 17:08; TrueSport, Solomon Islands
ой не нада...
6 September, 17:07; DRIVER-IIIypa, Russia
без Михаэля Шумахера не будет смысла в просмотре гонок а достойной замены ему пока нету а может и вообще не будет
6 September, 17:05; Mike, Украина
Михаэль! Останься, пожалуйста!!!! Мы все за тебя переживаем!!!
6 September, 17:05; Julia, Hungary
Hi! i hope you see this site... I respect your decision, whether it is to continue or stop. Good luck in the future, everything you will make!!! You are the best, dont forget!!
6 September, 17:05; Thick, Ukraine
Only stay in F1, I'll glad see yuo in any appointment :)
6 September, 17:03; Szekely Sipos Sandor Zolta, Romania
Please stay in Formula 1 for 1 (+1) year. You are the best and Formula-1 would be less without you.

Michael for 10 times world champion!
6 September, 16:57; Jamie Aydin, Holland
Just stay?
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