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2 August, 05:26; diao yu, china
Dies ist nicht deine Schuld
2 August, 05:24; diao yu, china
Ohne dich, ich sehe nicht ein F1!
2 August, 05:20; diao yu, CHINA
Come on! Wir alle verstehen! Sie ändern sich nicht!
30 July, 14:20; monica, china
i almost forget this website,,
you see lots of your chinese fans are here,supporting you.
i don't know if you can see this or not,
but ..i started to learn german,and it's all because of you.
schimi i love you.
28 July, 10:02; ALEX ASHMEAD, Number 1 fan UK
26 July, 16:53; Tiny, China
Believe in yourself.
22 July, 04:59; Surong, china
schumi.nothing ...right ?
i can't fail ,right?
you must believe me ?
ok .i know ...
i love u ...love you ....
19 July, 08:31; Tiny, China
I will always support you!
12 July, 16:13; sylviva, china
dear ,i'm sorry i can't help you ....
i will be standing behind you ,believe you !
I know I can't help you share the pain, but I won't give up to support you. No see you this weekend, because the game, I saw you, I qualifying 10 some unhappy, actually not because who you are, but I very tired, I know you choose to give up this season, so, I think, you will return to the better. I believe you!
Love your SuRong!
11 July, 15:56; 赵濛, 中国
5 July, 17:21; Jeanky, China
4 July, 11:50; lucy, china
please stay in formula 1,i will back up you forever!
3 July, 16:31; SL, CHINA
Dear, long time no see.
Through this long,hot and wet summer, I just want to write sth to commemorate sb and those sports those guy I've been in love for years. The new summer is not like then in the whole.
But I promise I'm still here.I don't know whether the SH GP can exist next year,and I don't known what the future like to me,but I'll try my best to achieve the goal,to save money to watch your performance.Results isn't my care.My unique hope is your happiness and safety.
So please remember we stay with you. Even if we have no tomorrow .
I wait to see you in the stand in SA.
3 July, 05:28; schumixx, China
Just joining the race,Michael ,nothing important !
We just follow u today,tomorrow, everday.
26 June, 17:10; surong, CHINA
舒米,我失恋了。。我知道你很烦,可是,我 还是觉得跟你说我还能平复点。今天没有看到 你的排位赛,你被淘汰了。。觉得什么都不如 意了。。我该怎么办。此刻真的有些无奈了。 真的有些了。。
24 June, 21:24; angelica, cleve, germany
Hallo Formel1 Fans und Michael Schumacher Fans!. Ich weis nicht wie Ihr das sehr, aber ich glaube ganz fest daran, dass Michael wieder eine feste Größe im Formel 1 sein wird. Er braucht halt die Zeit. Die Reifen sind wohl die größte Schwierigkeit. Aber ich als sein treuer Fan und Wegbegleiter all die Jahre leider nur am TV drücke fest die Daumen und toi toi toi für den Rest der Saison2010. Alles Liebe und Gute vom Niederrhein Fan Angelica
22 June, 07:01; Hu jiangfu, China
come on! my hero...
19 June, 03:05; Mrs Gail j Gray, England
Dear Michael, I am writing to you to say welcome back i am so pleased to see you again, it seems this season at formula 1 hasn't been kind to you. never mind my dear maybe next year in 2011 it will be a great year for you.If you do not stay too long at formula 1 i understand, well good luck for the rest of 2010. give my love to Corinna and the children. love you lots as always. take care and all the best.I hope you will down the Race of Champions at Wembley this year as i am so looking forward in seeing and meeting you again.
16 June, 10:54; Monica, Canada
I went to Montreal, had a great seat on the starting grid just ahead of Schumi, and so saw his great starting move close up, had a ball! The sound and speed are unbelievable! Too bad the tires went off - better luck next time, Michael.
15 June, 12:48; Michaelia Guo, China
Today, I changed my English name into Michaelia in honor of you, Michael.
Everything will be well.
I'm always stand by you.
Love you forever.
13 June, 04:11; 飒飒, china
michael .come on cause you are the one ,nothing fails.!!!we all have faith in you!
11 June, 12:55; Monica, Canada
Schumi fan since 1991, and finally get to see my first live race this weekend! What a pity he switched teams - my Ferrari shirt and hat would have worked perfectly for the weekend ;-)
9 June, 16:39; leaf, china
Gib gas!
3 June, 17:38; marco, germany
Du bist noch immer der Beste!!
2 June, 11:56; 苏, china
舒米,好久没来了、你要好好地哦!!我会默 默看着你,不要受伤就好。
30 May, 06:23; tiantian, china
take care of yourself~
28 May, 17:14; schumika, china
Schumi,best wish for you ! Support you forever !!
25 May, 17:07; Viki, China
Schumi, my TEM-8 failed...I feel frustrated....Pls tell me I am not a loser.....
25 May, 04:06; 飒飒, china
michael, i've heard that your team has achieved the upgrade and this time i choose to believe them!hope them will not abuse your talent any more!come on michael
20 May, 11:28; 飒飒, china
that overtake was superb,and will certainly be remembered!
schumi ,how brilliant yuo are! the scores are nothing!your coming back is what I only care about
17 May, 18:37; Che, China
brilliant overtaking
unfair penalty
17 May, 16:38; Dawn, China
We are always with you.
17 May, 15:45; Tracy, China
Michael, I really think the last overtake was super wonderful! No matter others how to say, it was a great behavior! The score was really not important, we fans of yours are not care about it, we are all angry with the ruels, with FIA, with some stupid people...Thank you for your back! But the most wanted for us is your happiness! So whenever and wherever you are, we are always with you !!!
17 May, 14:02; greta, China
you know,I really don't care your scores,positions or sth,I just want you to appear in my vision at times.That's enough.6 years ago,when I fell in love with F1,with you,I always hoped that I can have you beside me in my dreams.However,it seldom happened. But several days ago,you appeared in my dreams 3 nights in a row.It is an excellent gift God gave me.Thank you for being kind and happy in my dreams. I ,We will all pray for you,to be happy,to get whatever you want and we will stand beside you,support you,forever.
17 May, 12:17; MelodySchumi, China
Michael,remember we love u.
17 May, 11:32; jackiepan, china
看到你的回归就足够了,不用去管成绩如何, 享受现在相信是你最想做的,一个伟大的车手 在拥有伟大的成就之后更多可能只是想去享受 赛车给他带来的快了,而你已经不需要再用什 么去证明你自己了
16 May, 19:52; Monica, Canada
Darn the new rules - that pass in Monaco today was soooooooo satisfying!
15 May, 15:18; Miffy Guo, China
Schumi, alles gut geht.
14 May, 18:55; su, china
14 May, 18:54; su, china
你是不是真的就是这么遥不可及,永远都是这 么的我触及不到的呢
我想有个像你一样的人来爱护我,就够了。。 。真的够了。。。
13 May, 14:14; ninadbmsc, China
12 May, 03:11; D. Schumacher, German
you'r the best for ever, this forum show our love.
11 May, 16:34; 苏容, china
舒米,即使世界都抛弃我,都不爱我。。都不 要我
那么你还是会一直爱我的对吧,我还是一直只 有你。
我想安静,舒米,我在调整自己的状态,所以 ,你要要加油
love u schumi
9 May, 08:28; Miffy Guo, China
Schumi, alles gut geht.
8 May, 16:07; ninadbmsc, CHINA
Schumi my hero, I always believe your ability.
Your faith is my faith, your dream is my dream.
Honey, be happy.
I am always with you,
8 May, 16:02; 飒飒, china
what an amazing day for you and us !!michael you are always the beset....i am a loss for words to describe how brilliant you are !best wishes tomorrow....
finanlly you've beated the criticism and i feel proud of you
7 May, 12:39; SL, CHINA
我亲爱的大叔 可能不能为你守在加泰罗尼亚了 但是请相信这个丫头答应过的 会努力
加油 亲爱的偏执狂
7 May, 12:35; SL, CHINA
I'm so sorry ,my dear Schumi,but I know that what I need to do.If you want to achieve.I tranfered it into German.The left thing is praying for you. Thank you,you teach me to choose,to grow,to adjust,to try.
7 May, 04:00; Dawn, China
Michael , Gib Gas !!!
4 May, 18:52; MelodySchumi, China
Michael,just want to tell you i am missing you.
I never love one person so deeply except you.

I will never forget the moment i meet you,in Beijing and in Shanghai,twice,the most beautiful moment in my life.
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